Some helpful (but not required) startup readings

Indy Startup Weekend

Image by kmakice via Flickr

Some helpful (but not required) reading for your groups. Pick and choose — you don’t have to read them all. Skim them, even. They’re here for you whenever you want to check them out.

Discussion Prompt

What do you think about your problem and your group after reading one or more of these essays? Where do you go from here? Do these essays alter the course you were thinking of going in? How so?

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Group Blogs and Problem Statements

Once you have your group blog setup spend some time configuring the Appearance, adding users (your group members and instructor) and making the blog become your organization’s website to the world.

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Start Norfolk

Start Norfolk

 is a network of passionate leaders and entrepreneurs on a mission to inspire, educate, and empower individuals, teams, and communities. A common interest in all attendees is entrepreneurship: whether a serial entrepreneur or new to the startup scene. Every attendee should be interested in working with a like-minded, motivated and skilled team to develop a product or business in one weekend. If this sounds like you, this is the event for you!

News Coverage

We Are the Norfolk Start-up Community, Hear us Roar: Start Norfolk

Entrepreneurs gather in Norfolk to spawn startups

Lecture Materials for Friday Jan 20

As stated in the schedule, please make sure that you view all of the following short videos BEFORE class on Friday. I will have a few discussion prompts for you to respond to during class.

View Tim Brown on Change by Design (2:30) video (below)

view How to Avoid Useless Innovation and Solve Human Problems (02:19) video (new window)

view Driving Effective Social Innovation –  Tapping the Cognitive Surplus (03:24) (new window)

Also, remember your abstracts this weekend (view guidelines):

Abstract 1:  Select one article from the list of additional readings at the end of chapters 11, 12, or 13 and publish the abstract as a new blog post (include tag stem110t) by 1.22.