In-class activity for Wednesday’s class



Assignment 2: Communications

In this assignment, your group will construct a basic social media policy.


Each member may earn up to 100 points for this Assignment 2. There must be evidence on your group blog that everyone contributed equitably; you may of course divide up the work according to each other’s strengths and interests. For example, if a couple of you want to conduct the interviews, someone else can summarize the interview themes, while others can get working on the drafting the policy outline. However, this should be an interesting assignment for you that has meaning beyond just a grade.

Why is this important?

To construct your own basic policy, you need to know what’s already out there. For example, here is a link to ODU’s Use Of Electronic Communications And Social Media (PDF) for all employees. What about for students? What about other organizations? Apple? Walmart? McDonald’s? The US military?

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Prep for In-class activity Wednesday 2.1


Image by .mw via Flickr

In the Course Schedule for Wednesday 2.1, I’ve asked you to bring in current articles to discuss in groups and present to class.

This is the first of your graded activities (20 points).

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