Chapter 6 Reading and Manufacturing Videos

Image of HCC MakerBot Cupcake CNC printing of ...

Image of HCC MakerBot Cupcake CNC printing of spikey gear and raft in the MakerBot 3D printer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For class on Wednesday and Friday, please read in your textbook, Contemporary Technology, Chapter 6: Manufacturing and Production Enterprises (pp. 181-222).

At the end of the chapter on page 219 are a series of six discussion questions. Give some thought to each question while you read the chapter. For class on Wednesday, be prepared to share an in-depth response to discussion question #6: Consider a simple product you use every day. How would you redesign this product to utilize a “cradle-to-cradle” philosophy?

Check out this video about the Dell computer company’s manufacturing process from order to shipment.

As you are reading, consider the realm of “traditional manufacturing” – done in a factory, still very much like what we saw in the first Industrial Revolution.

What about the next Industrial Revolution? What about Do It Yourself (DIY) manufacturing, right from your own home?

What would be the future of DIY manufacturing and 3D printers? Do we need Star Trek Replicators?

Maybe we’re not there quite yet, but we’re close…

What if you could have your own open source 3D printer on your desktop next to your computer to literally print out anything you can imagine?! How about this video with the 3D printer called MakerBot:

Lecture and the Matrix Friday 1.27

The Matrix Reloaded

Image via Wikipedia

I will post later some slides that will explain in more detail some of the key terms from the text that we went over in class today. I was happy with the challenge that you went through making familiar connections with concepts about which you have less familiarity.

You can use analogies to relate new information with existing knowledge. This ability — although you struggled a bit with it today — is crucial to continue thinking about and practicing, especially in preparation for your final group presentations.

Did You Know?

What we discussed in class today about routers and switches, WAN and LAN, fiber optic cables and Ethernet all amounts to one thing:

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