Finding New Applications for Transportation to Foster Energy Efficiency

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Finding New Applications for Transportation to Foster Energy Efficiency

Posted on 15 February 2012.

Old Dominion University is one of four schools to share the 2012 University Transportation Center’s research grant. The grant will enable ODU to facilitate research to foster Transportation for Livability by Integrating Vehicles and the Environment or alternatively, TransLIVE.

Some terrific ideas this week!

I’m really impressed with the ideas many of you came up with for your group projects. From addressing campus parking issues,  providing transportation alternatives to help the environment, and easing elderly people’s use of technology, to campus dining, texting #fails, and improving campus safety, as well as several others, you’re making some great progress addressing very meaningful issues.

You have a lot more work, certainly. However, as you’re refining your problem statements (make sure to read my previous post on what it should look like) I want to seriously encourage you to consider developing your idea and possibly pitching it during Start Norfolk, April 27-29th at the Ted Constant Convocation Center. Other avenues include Kickstarter and Quirky depending on your particular technological implementation.

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Links to Everyone’s Blogs Added in Sidebar

I added everyone’s blog to the sidebar and divided them into class sections.

Scroll down and double check that your first and last name is in the list of links under the proper section (33597 Student Blogs or 33598 Student Blogs) and that the link to your blog is correct. Let me know in the comments if something needs fixed.

You’ll also see that I have a list started for the group blogs. To get into this list, add me as a follower to your group’s blog.

Groups Setup for 33597 and 33598

It was impressive watching how quickly all of you self-organized into your groups  during class. Below are the links to the groups for each class section.

Check the listing to make sure you’re in a group. If not, let me know in the comments of this post. Check out and start following each others’ blogs (you DID create your About Page profile, right), send an email to say hello, send a few tweets, meet face-to-face  (!) — do whatever it takes now to start getting to know each other. 

33597 Morning Groups (view only)

33598 Afternoon Groups (view only)

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