Lecture and the Matrix Friday 1.27

The Matrix Reloaded

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I will post later some slides that will explain in more detail some of the key terms from the text that we went over in class today. I was happy with the challenge that you went through making familiar connections with concepts about which you have less familiarity.

You can use analogies to relate new information with existing knowledge. This ability — although you struggled a bit with it today — is crucial to continue thinking about and practicing, especially in preparation for your final group presentations.

Did You Know?

What we discussed in class today about routers and switches, WAN and LAN, fiber optic cables and Ethernet all amounts to one thing:

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Reminder of Readings for Friday’s Class

As noted in the Course Schedule, you have a couple relatively short required readings for class Friday. Given how the reading quiz #1 was structured, be sure you pay attention to the key terms and concepts presented.

We will be discussing Chapter 3, with the associated readings on Blackboard in the Readings –> Communication and Information Technologies folder. Please have these read and understood so we can have an engaging class discussion on Friday. While you are reading, be making active connections between the content and your own experiences. During class, I’ll invite you to share the connections you made. Of course, you may also choose to express these connections via your individual blog. Either way counts for participation.

You don’t need to worry yet about the Chapter 7 readings.