33597 Section – Note about Group Presentation Pitches

33597 Students –

Today we jumped ahead to talk more about biotechnology, which was a great conversation. Thank you!

In the schedule I’d listed that we were going to watch during class the video, Guy Kawasaki – Make a Great Pitch, as well as discuss and assign Individual Activity 5, which relates to the video. I’ll move this conversation to Monday.

In the meantime, feel free to get started on the Individual Activity 5 worksheet. Instructions are included, and I think you’ll enjoy this activity. You’ll also see it linked in the Course Schedule (on 4.6).

I also linked in the Course Schedule the structure for your final pitch slides. I’ll make sure to go through these in detail on Monday, but you can download them now (PPT) to see what’s expected.

Prezi not found! – please check yours

Everyone – Please do the following now:

Make sure you’re logged out of your Prezi account.

Go to your blog post for Assignment 3 and click on the link you provided for your prezi (you did make it an actual link, right?).

IF YOU GET THIS (actual screenshot from a recent submission):


OR THIS (actual screenshot from another recent submission):


Assignment 3 – Hyperlinks to Prezi presentations

Great job on your prezi projects! I’m really looking forward to reviewing all of them over spring break. From the ones I’ve skimmed so far, you have some amazing ideas and solid perspectives about how to make Norfolk an eco-friendly and sustainable city for 2030. I’m very proud of all of you.

When you get a chance, please double check that the link to your prezi is a working hyperlink that I can click on. Some of you just pasted in the URL text (http://prezi.com…) from Prezi without actually making it an active link, and/or provided the private link that I cannot view.

In prezi, here is a quick step-by-step tutorial about how to properly share a public link to your prezi.

  1. Login to your prezi account
  2. Click the tab “Your prezis”
  3. Click the thumbnail for the prezi you want to share
  4. In the upper right, there is a button / drop down menu. Probably labeled in red, “Private”. Click this button and select the “Public” option in the menu. The button in the upper right will now be labeled in green, “Public”. For more info and screenshots on this part, check this cheat sheet on How to Change Privacy Settings.
  5. Scroll down a bit until you see the blue “Share” button in the lower right. Click the button. A new pop-up window will appear.
  6. Click the “Copy button” to grab the sharing link provided.
Back in your blog post editing screen
  1. Type in the title of your Prezi (e.g., The New Norfolk for 2030).
  2. Select this text you just typed, then make this text a hyperlink (see this tutorial on How to add links to your posts and pages  ).
  3. In the insert/edit hyperlink pop-up window, paste in the link you got from Prezi. You can also check the box to “Open link in a new window/tab”. Then click the blue “Add link” button.
  4. Re-publish your post, then double check the link works.





Great work during Wednesday’s class

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Wow. Just wanted to thank everyone for some great work during Wednesday’s class! You clearly came through with reading Chapter 8 (yes, it was a longer chapter) and you did very well with the writing prompts. I was impressed by your responses both during class discussion and in your Google Docs. I hope this was helpful in starting to make connections with the reading and what’s in Assignment 3.

Also, I hope you’re starting to see what’s expected in terms of depth in this assignment. Don’t over think it. Simply focus on the elements I’ve asked you to include and think about how you can best demonstrate your understanding in an effective, concise manner. It doesn’t matter if you choose to be simple and minimalistic or creative and audacious so long as you focus on quality rather than quantity of detail. Don’t forget to have a bit of fun with this assignment and realize that you’re learning how to use a new tool that may be very beneficial to you later on beyond this class (I hope, at least). Of course, I’m happy to meet with you individually to review before the deadline, or send me a link via email to your work-in-progress.

As we agreed during class, I will invite the 3 to 5 students who earned the highest grades in each section to present their Prezi presentations to the class (likely after Spring Break). Nothing formal or required; instead, simply a fun opportunity to show off your ideas! Also, these students earn the the prize of opting out of a future quiz (or to drop their lowest quiz grade).

Another idea: Would you be interested in an extra credit opportunity based on class voting of your Prezi presentation? The way this would work would be by checking the “Show likes on this post” box that is available toward the bottom of a New Post page. When you publish your Assignment 3 post, your peers can then view your Prezi and, if they choose, “like” your post. The students with the most “likes” from their peers will receive 5 or 10 points extra credit (TBD).

A winning idea? Let me know.