Lecture Materials and Activity 3: Design

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This week we are talking more about design and the way design fits into the concept of Technology as a System – a system complete with inputs, processes, and outputs.

Lecture Materials

For this week, March 12-16, please carefully review two sets of slides on Technology as a System and Problem Solving Design Processes (ODU Google Apps login required).

You should recognize these slides because we’ve seen them several times already this semester. They will not be on a quiz, but will be important in your success on the group project and Activity 3 (explained below).

As designers of technology, you are responsible for carefully managing the flow of inputs (people, information, materials, etc.) through a problem-solving design process in order to maximize desired, intended outputs and minimize undesired, unintended outputs.

By the end of this week and moving into next week, you should have confidence in answering the following questions:

  • What are inputs?
  • What are processes?
  • What are outputs?

Activity 3 (20 points)

Your challenge this week — as a group — is to design, develop, model, evaluate, and communicate a means by which to transport the greatest quantity of provided material from a marked starting point, across a designated distance, and to a marked delivery point with the highest degree of accuracy and precision.

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Energy and Power – Lectures and Activity 2

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Note: All of this is also outlined in the Course Schedule. Here I provide more detail. Be aware of the individual and group work days 2.27 – 3.2 as well as Quiz 3 on 2.27 (Chapters 8 and 9).

Friday 2.17 – In-Class Video: The Shareable Future of Cities

In class on Friday 2.17, we’ll watch and briefly discuss the TED talk, Alex Steffen: The shareable future of cities (you can view the full transcript via the link — click on the interactive transcript button). While watching the video, I invite you to livetweet your impressions to #stem110t on Twitter.

We’ll then move through the following slides on the basic concepts of Energy and Power (ODU Google login req’d). These aren’t in your textbook (nor will they be on the next quiz), but they will be important foundational concepts.

Individual Blog Post: “The Shareable Future of Cities” – Activity 2 (20 points)

Publish on your own blog by Monday 2.20 at 11.55pm

While watching the video (and you can work on this over the weekend), compose a new blog post entry titled,

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Prep for In-class activity Wednesday 2.1


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In the Course Schedule for Wednesday 2.1, I’ve asked you to bring in current articles to discuss in groups and present to class.

This is the first of your graded activities (20 points).

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