Reminder about Individual Solution Statement Posts to Group Blog

Keith asked for some clarification on what was expected for this, so thought I’d post for everyone here as well.

This is the next checkpoint for your group project. Have your posts up by tonight at 11:55pm. (being a checkpoint, it’s not graded, but I’ll be looking for progress…).

Each member of the group creates a new post to your group’s blog with:

  1. A short statement of what you think the solution for your group’s problem should be (the problem that you’ve all agreed to solve for your group project). That is, the best way for how you think the problem should be solved.
  2. A short explanation of why you think your solution is the right one to solve the problem.
  3. A hyperlink to at least one source to backup your explanation.

As a group, you’ll then use your individual posts to help focus your group’s discussion and decision-making about which solution is the best (or help inspire some mash-up of all the solutions). We’ll keep talking about this in the class, so don’t hesitate to ask questions.


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