Peer Interviews for Social Media Policies

Just a quick note that you’re all doing some really nice work with your social media policy peer interviews. I’ve been checking the videos as they’ve been posted. For your analysis, even if you feel the interviewee didn’t offer much information, that in and of itself may be telling; that is, their lack of knowledge may point to something that will help you write a policy that is simple to understand.

The importance of context

When actually writing your policy, keep in mind the context in which your policy applies (and does not apply for that matter). Is your policy for a university like ODU or an organization like Dominion Enterprises? Does your policy target people your age or is it intended to cover people of all ages (and experience levels with social media)?

The challenge of awareness

As many of you have found, we aren’t always aware of social media policies. So, give some thought to what might be the best creative and memorable way(s) to promote your group’s policy to those who need to be aware of it.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what you all come up with this week!



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