A vision of students today…

Related to our conversation today about social media and computer-mediated communication (CMC) is the way in which technology affects all of you as students. Your choices in technology (particularly CMC) affect you deeply on an individual level, but these same choices also empower you to shape your education experience and that of your peers. You have before you a historically unprecedented ability to consume and produce knowledge — and change the world, even if it’s just through your individual or group blogs.

As a teacher, I’m profoundly concerned by how what I do affects you and your learning experience. I find CMC helps us to communicate and share in ways not ordinarily possible within the confines of the traditional classroom. CMC also invites you as students to take a more active role in (and beyond) the classroom walls; rather than passively consuming yet-another PowerPoint slide deck and memorizing terms, you have the ability to actively connect and relate (and at times challenge) what it means to learn. But, doing so can be messy and it can be a lot of work.

Case-in-point: Right now there are 200 comments on the class blog alone. Collectively in the approximately 76 student and group blogs, you have made 278 posts already this semester. 

Discussion Prompt

This video clip by Dr. Michael Wesch presents — you (from the description: how you learn, how you need to learn, your goals, hopes, dreams, what your lives will be like, and what kinds of changes you will experience in your lifetime.

After watching this video clip, where do you stand? Do you share the feelings expressed by the students in the video? How is your experience in education shaped by technology in general, and CMC specifically?


9 Responses to A vision of students today…

  1. Sarah Laurie says:

    I actually watched this video in my TLED 430 class. I think that I am not like most of the students in the clip because I don’t text or facebook while I am in class and a part from the blog for this class, I have never been on my laptop this much before during school. I spend a lot of time studying and preping for my courses to ensure that I do well. Most of my time is not spent with technology- a part from the television. I watch tv every night if I get the chance to. Currently my education classes that I am taking in preparation to become a teacher have allowed me to experience many aspects of technology. Due to computer-mediated communication I have been able to communicate with classmates and professors over e-mail, blackboard, LiveText, etc. and my knowledge of certain technologies is constantly continuing to grow because of it.

    • Certainly a conversation I’d welcome to continue with you given your focus on education. Let me know!

  2. Katie Banko says:

    This video is really cool, and most of the things that the students said were true, however I do not text or go on Facebook during class. I feel that some teachers are a little out of date with technology. For example, with some teachers they just put up power points and expect me to write down everything that was up there, but im not really learning (ie: my CHEM class!). However in your class, there is discussion and i feel like its a better learning environment, because you make us think, and not just let our minds wonder the entire time. This blog is a good way of communicating, because I can see everything in one spot and its not as formal. PLUS you respond soooo fast and get us feedback, when other teachers never email you back or it takes 2-3 days.

  3. This is an awesome video. I can say that everything those students said, is true. I like combining education and technology since that is such a prominent component of our generation. I can’t even begin to imagine our generation without technology shaping it. That’s why combining the two, technology and education, is so important to learning today.

  4. tange001 says:

    I actually just read an article for Education Weekly about how multitasking, in regards to technology like different apps and being on the computer while doing anything else, limits the social understanding of children from 8-14. We all have to be multitaskers to fit in the 26 hours in a day- worrying about classes, readings, relationships, and money- but that cuts down on what we get out of each activity; I don’t know half of the people I have class discussions with because I’m trying to absorb information for the next assignment (in most classes).

    If I find the article I’ll post it

  5. This is a nice video and i agree with the students in the video. Technology i believe is important to learn because it is only growing. Technology is in education even in elementary schools are tarting to have iPads and computers for them to learn. Also, from some of the research i have been doing explains that elementary schools will soon have the table top computer for students to enhance their knowledge on technology. In class I try to pay attention as much as I can because i believe learning can only expand your knowledge for what is to come in the future. Every experience we go through is a learning experience to build who we are as individuals, to build our character and prepare ourselves for the next step in our lives.

  6. Taylor D'Etcheverry says:

    Our generation is clearly moving from paper to electronics. I think bringing technology into the classroom is essential for student’s because our generation is headed in that direction at an exponential rate. Communicating through blogs and other social media is a great way to practice using technology while having fun with it.

  7. RosalynMuniz says:

    I must say I have witness such things like the facebooking during class and the chats. I dont think it’s funny and I never understood how a student could be doing that while we are in college chemistry class?? Are you crazy? I was thinking to myself and assumed they know chemistry like the back of their hand. It’s annoying.

    I am guilty of bad study habits and watch more t.v than I should. I also read alot less than I did in the 90’s because of my relationship with technology.

  8. I cannot even see our world without technology, It would be like the stone ages. Some people are clearly stuck in the stone ages and have no idea how to use technology, but I think that is only the case because so much technology has accumulated and sprouted up within just the past four years, It is truly sometimes hard to keep up with it, especailly when you didnt grow up with it at your finger tips.

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