This seems like a really effective use of Google Maps. Could an organization do something similar this at ODU? In Norfolk? How might it work?


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  1. Rose Sieve says:

    should the problems we address be related to odu?

    • Rose – Good question. They can be if that helps you focus or see more meaning / connection in what you’re doing, but you can really relate your problems to anywhere so long as you can back up your reasoning. I often suggest ODU simply because it’s easy to look around and identify many potential opportunities. Such opportunities may also have relevance beyond ODU, and vice versa.

  2. James Blinco says:

    It could be done using the GIS software available to the school. They would geo-code reports from news site or some other source of international information and post the map on their website and it have it update in real-time or something. It wouldn’t be difficult to stream an image like that, but coding the data to show up would be another story.

    • That would be pretty cool to see. Yes, the coding might be a bit tough. I wonder if any other universities are doing what you suggested?

  3. Dillon Paiva says:

    This is an interesting idea, but I’m not sure Universities would want to implement something like this. This could attract unwanted attention in the time of a crisis that might have negative consequences. I know a school such as Virginia Tech tries to suppress any negative media regarding crime or anything that would put the school in a bad light after past events that received national coverage (don’t get me wrong, I definitely feel that the shootings needed to be covered). I just don’t know if the benefits would out weigh the potential consequences from the point of view of the university.

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