How Do We Identify Good Ideas?

How Do We Identify Good Ideas?

Here’s where things get interesting. After writing down as many ideas as they could think of, both groups were asked to choose which of their ideas were the most creative…


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  1. Is our group idea for the group project due Wednesday?

    • Yes your group’s best attempt at coming up with a problem to address. We’ll check in from there.

  2. RosalynMuniz says:

    This is a Great article! Now I want to find Human, All too Human by Nietzsche!
    I have been doing this for years; tucking away my ideas and writing and getting back to it. I wasn’t doing it to edit my work but to finish my work because I would get writers block or run out of my original thought. The article reflects a get idea for those who believe they are full of ideas but do not know how to organize them and give themselves time to perfect them.

  3. Rose Sieve says:

    can we address the autocorrect problem?

    • Which autocorrect problem? Here on WP, or elsewhere? For your group? Just need a bit of clarification on what you’re asking. thanks

      • Rose Sieve says:

        lol autocorrect on phones. I think its creative and humorous

      • Ah, yeah that’s embarrassing. Like the various autocorrect #fail sites.

      • Rose Sieve says:

        haha yea!

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