Grading Abstracts

Although I skimmed many of the abstracts as they were published, I’ll begin actual grading tonight. I’ll do my best to get 5-10 abstracts graded each day. You’ll see a comment on the abstract post from me, as well as your grade in the Blackboard Gradebook.

Unless I spoke with you already about post publishing issues, I will mark your submission time as the most recent date accompanying the post. See the Course Syllabus for information on grading and late work.


4 Responses to Grading Abstracts

  1. Rose Sieve says:

    what happened to the class schedule?

  2. I moved it and the Syllabus under Course Docs.

  3. RosalynMuniz says:

    I don’t have an Abstract Grade yet. And the abstract was supposed to be for chapter 1 right???

  4. Alaysha says:

    ^^^^^ Me neither.

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