Making the Impossible Possible with the X PRIZE Foundation

Find out what Revolution through Competition really means and discover how the X PRIZE Foundation is Making the Impossible, Possible.

Discussion Prompt

What other things can you imagine being worth solving through an X-Prize? Could an X-Prize competition work on a smaller scale for the problems you see around ODU? Norfolk? Your community back at home? What problems might an ODU / Norfolk X-Prize address?


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  1. Reggie Owens says:

    As years pass, I believe that the impossible is becoming possible. With the new technologies that we have, we’re getting very close to doing these things. All of the x challenges encouraged people to get together and help with the new technologies. Soon we will be able to make the impossible possible.

  2. This is a pretty motivational video, makes me want to go out and find the cure for cancer and go to space. Unfortunately, this video leaves out the biggest problem, that being money. You gotta have money to make money and a lot of money would have to be put into these “inventions” to make them possible. Getting back to the question though, I believe an x-prize in Norfolk could do something about the enormous amount of traffic. I am not sure what exactly could be done, but traffic is a huge problem.

    • stem110t says:

      Good points about needing to have money to make money, but remember the guy from the tattoo palor mentioned in a previous video who doubled the oil absorption rate.

      The idea of the X-Prizes isn’t necessarily to make money by winning the prize itself (often paltry in comparison to the money it took to create their invention submission for the contest) but to generate visibility for the winner and hopefully investments from larger organizations / governments (e.g., DARPA). Of course, there is a great deal of bootstrapping (look it up) required, but if you truly think you have a great idea then it’s worth the risk.

      “I am not sure what exactly could be done, but traffic is a huge problem.”

      So, perhaps that could become YOUR group’s problem to address (hint, hint)?

  3. haha good idea I’ll be sure to bring it up with my group

  4. I agree with Timothy, this makes me want to go save the world and stop all of the problems. It seems nearly impossible to do alone, but I do believe that every little step helps. For the less trash part that the girl was talking about at the beginning, one of the simplest methods for plastic to “get rid of itself” is to recycle. I know that everybody knows about it, but how many people actually do it? I recently moved into a new apartment and the complex has absolutely no recycle bins. Something that can be done in Norfolk is to set up more recycling and make people more aware of the effect throwing ALL of their trash away has on the environment, especially with us living so close to the ocean.

  5. Emily Burke says:

    This is definitely an inspirational video. Many people are at work competing to solve the world’s biggest problems. It makes you believe that anything is possible and makes you want to change the world. i think that solving world hunger would be a great x prize idea. This is a constantly ongoing and growing affair that if fixed could save millions of lives. I also agree with the above posts about Norfolk and its traffic. I think this is definitely one of Norfolk’s biggest problems.

  6. tange001 says:

    By making competitions smaller and closer to home we can figure out problems that more closely affect us. Yeah the oil spill was a huge problem to overcome but I personally see no ramifications of it. If ODU had one campus-wide with a small scholarship prize, students could solve the problems that they have to put up with daily. I’m tired of not being able to recycle, and how everything floods constantly- but no one outside of the EPA is going to care and fund me to do something about it.

  7. Katie Banko says:

    I feel this video was very motivating to watch and see all the people solving world problems. It just goes to show you when you set your mind to something, you can achieve anything. I think an X prize that Norfolk and ODU should address would be about parking and crime. I am a commuter myself and some mornings I find it very difficult to get a parking space close to my buildings. Also I am not comfortable walking around at night either, because of all the events that have taken place.

    • stem110t says:

      hmm…ideas for your group problem…??

  8. A program like this could definitely benefit the city of Norfolk and Old Dominion as well. The fact that there challenging people to continue to make technological advances is great.

  9. This video proves that the sky is not the limit. Its all about bringing an idea to life. I think this prizes like this could work on many different scales including on a local scale. Norfolk and Old Dominion University have both struggle to keep their citizens safe. I think a competition like this focusing on safety could solve some problems in this community.

  10. stem110t says:

    Great to see that so many of you enjoyed this video. Feel free to share your own on your own blogs or here as well. Definitely consider the X-Prize challenges in your own groups’ problem statement brainstorming this week.

  11. I believe that we could start finding cures for disease and cancer. If we could get people to come together and collaborate on a cure for cancer or even HIV/Aids then that would be amazing. Norfolk should have a program like this. Even as a school we should create a project x organization on campus that helps solve the problems in our area. Maybe we could focus on fixing the poverty stricken areas by donating food or even the city transit system by developing a more effecient and convenient way for Norfolk locals to travel on…..

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