Groups Setup for 33597 and 33598

It was impressive watching how quickly all of you self-organized into your groups  during class. Below are the links to the groups for each class section.

Check the listing to make sure you’re in a group. If not, let me know in the comments of this post. Check out and start following each others’ blogs (you DID create your About Page profile, right), send an email to say hello, send a few tweets, meet face-to-face  (!) — do whatever it takes now to start getting to know each other. 

33597 Morning Groups (view only)

33598 Afternoon Groups (view only)

We will continue our conversation about the group projects on Monday, including how to coordinate your activities this semester. If you notice in the Schedule, your groups have several checkpoints to post regarding your progress moving from defining your problems to identifying viable, innovative solutions.

Preferably, your group will setup a WordPress blog. One member of the group can check this quick guide on how to easily register another blog in his/her account and add the other members as users. After registering another blog, check out this tutorial on How to Invite Contributors to your blog. Your group — now startup organization — will need a good name, too.

What if you want to use something else?

My preference is that you setup a WordPress blog to coordinate your group. You’ll be posting various updates about your problem-solving design process that I will review and provide you feedback on (also so other groups can see / comment to help you out). However, what if you want to setup a Facebook Group for your Group, Google+ or some other means? That’s certainly fine, so long as you run it by me first and provide me with access.


5 Responses to Groups Setup for 33597 and 33598

  1. I am not in a group I missed class friday, let me know what I should do.

    • stem110t says:

      Just let me know which group you’d like to join and I’ll add you directly.

      – MW

  2. I’m not in a group, what should I do?

    • stem110t says:

      Take a look at the listing and let me know over email which group you’d like to join. Or you can remind me tomorrow.

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