Lecture Slides and Videos Jan 20

These are the slides that I flipped through during class today. Embedded are the videos that I asked you to watch before class, with each followed by a few key points to remember about each video. At the end is the Liquid-Filled Eyeglasses video from TED.

Lecture Slides Jan 20 (Google Docs login required)

Discussion Prompt

What other thoughts or impressions do you have after watching these videos about innovation and problem solving? Were these helpful to get you thinking about what constitutes innovation? What questions do you still have?


2 Responses to Lecture Slides and Videos Jan 20

  1. Katie Banko says:

    I feel like these videos we watched were great examples of innovation, I am now thinking about the possibilities for our group project. I really enjoyed the second video the best, because it was quite funny and got the message across about innovation.In the fact that just because you can modify something, doesn’t mean you always should.

    • stem110t says:

      Terrific, I’m glad you liked them and they’re helping you get a head start on thinking for your group project 🙂

      You can always check out TED videos yourself for more inspiration: http://www.ted.com/

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