Reminder about Quiz 1 on January 23rd

Tonight I’ll be activating a practice (non-graded) quiz on Blackboard under the Quizzes section that you can take before the real one just to make sure everything is working okay. There’s nothing you need to do now. You’ll get an email from me tonight when this practice quiz is ready to take.

In addition to the practice quiz, you’ll also have access on Blackboard under Quizzes to a short study guide for Quiz 1. This will be the only study guide you receive, but I want you to know what to expect so you can do well.

As mentioned in the Syllabus and Schedule, The quiz covers the set of short readings you reviewed last week. As a reminder, these are available as PDFs to download via Blackboard in the Readings section.

Quiz 1 (graded) will go live on Blackboard January 23 at midnight and close January 23 at 11:55pm. It will be timed.

Any questions? Post as comments below. 


2 Responses to Reminder about Quiz 1 on January 23rd

  1. How long will the quiz be, in regards to the amount of questions and the time limit?

  2. stem110t says:

    See the post that will be up in a minute to answer your questions on that. Thanks!

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