Welcome to STEM 110T: Technology and Your World. In this class we’ll look at the influence that technology has on individuals and society — how technology shapes everything that we do, and in turn, how we use technology to alter and make sense of the world around us.

We’ll focus our class discussions and activities on exploring the evolution of technology, its changes, advances, and effects.

Why does this class matter to you? As a member of society, you use technology everyday, so it is vital that you understand the technologies available to you and be able to make reasoned judgments about the effects technological change has on other individuals, their careers, and cultures at-large.

Important Class Admin Items

We have a lot to cover together this semester, so we’ll start out with the basics. First, most course materials (e.g., documents, spreadsheets, forms, presentations, and PDFs) will be available only in ODU Google Apps. If you’ve never used Google Apps beyond your Gmail account, please take a few minutes to read this handy Google Apps Tutorial. I will expect that everyone is relatively comfortable using Google Apps, but please see me if you need additional guidance getting up to speed.

To access course material in ODU Google Apps, you must be signed into your student account, not your personal account (e.g., Gmail). If you receive an alert like this one…

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There’s also a simple way to enable switching between your personal Gmail account and your ODU Google Apps account.

Next, take a few minutes to explore the Syllabus and Schedule.

Finally, complete the Student Profile form (*ODU Google Apps login required)

We’ll spend the first class session getting to know each other, review the syllabus, organize into your groups, and discuss some of the major activities.

This course requires the following text, which is available in the ODU Campus Bookstore:

Markert, L. R., & Backer, P. R. (2010). Contemporary Technology: Innovations, Issues, and Perspectives (5th ed.). Tinley Park, IL: Goodheart-Willcox Company. ISBN 9781605252810


67 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Jasmine Galloway says:

    I hope to learn about the importance of technology, why it is so important and how big of an effect it has made on our world positively and negatively.

    • kburr009 says:

      ditto! lol

  2. hello world!

  3. Ben Verlander says:

    I hope to learn about types of technology that could change my world as i know it. Some things, that i didn’t even know existed

  4. Khalid Rahimi says:

    I am really excited to learn about how our phones, video games, computers, and music players shape our lives in society and how it would be different if those things were not difficult.

  5. Robert Romm says:

    I hope to learn more about websites and the economics of technology. I think this will benefit me going into the business world.

    • stem110t says:

      We’ll touch a bit on the economics of each of the various systems this semester and I’ll try to make it a point to highlight when we do. The text also gives some treatment to economic factors, especially in chapter 7 on technology transfer. Of course, please feel free to look for outside readings and bring to class / post on your personal blog (when we set those up) – Wired.com and FastCompany.com, for example.

  6. Elijah Greiser says:

    I look forward to learning about the origins of early technology and how/why we came up with the ideas of improving said technology, and transforming it to what it is today.

  7. Nikkisha Eley says:

    I’m really excited about this class and I am looking forward to learning about how important technology is in the world today.

  8. Kathy Ireland says:

    I’m interested in learning how we progressed from basic technology used, such as with growing food, to the technology we use every day like computers and cell phones.

  9. Lauren Williams says:

    I am interested in learning about upcoming technology and how it may be useful in our career and the professional world.

  10. Reggie Owens says:

    What I would like to learn this semester in stem110 is how much technology is used everyday, and how it effects what we do in the world. It also would me nice to know how other technology works, other than the material things.

  11. Rose Muniz says:

    I hope to learn how to build my own websites and to learn how to understand my daily gadgets better since I use them so much.

    • stem110t says:

      Many people building their own websites will use WordPress, since it works quite effectively as both a blogging platform and a full website creation space. Lots of what seem to be normal websites like news and e-commerce are actually built on WordPress. The WordPress.com option we’re using let’s you quickly focus on organization and content without having to (at this point) mess around with coding. IF you see that you really like WordPress and want to go beyond what is possible on WordPress.com (that is, do your own self-hosted installation and let your imagination run wild) then let me know.

  12. Ilana Pinsky says:

    I am interested to understand how the effects of technology influences our society beyond communication purposes.

  13. Rachel says:

    I hope to learn about the future of our technology as well as the past, and how much we’ve become dependent on it throughout the years

    • Rachel says:

      *with last name this time:

      I hope to learn about the future of our technology as well as the past, and how much we’ve become dependent on it throughout the years

  14. Chloe Constants says:

    I look forward to realizing the simple impact technology has in our everyday lives and how keeps on shaping the society we live in.

  15. Shina Carter says:

    Im interested in learning about how cell phones, music players, and laptops came about. As well as learning about how our technology is progressing everyday, leading to better things in the future.

  16. Brandon Bacchus says:

    I hope to learn about how technology impacts our everyday lives and I hope to learn some interesting facts about current technology and technology that we can expect to see in the near future.

  17. Bobby Zavala says:

    I want to increase my knowledge on the different types of technology as well as figure out what are the new up and coming technology is.

  18. James Blinco says:

    I want to learn more about how technology influences everyday life and how that will shape society as a whole in the near future.

  19. Darien Keeling says:

    I hope to learn and appreciate how technology plays a roll in every aspect of my life and how it shapes society as a whole.

  20. Rebecca Kunkel says:

    From what I heard you talk about in class I think learning about how to create a website and anything from where technology came from, to the impacts as well as how it is created would be interesting. How can you store so much information on one little chip? I would like to know the answer to that.

  21. Rose Sieve says:

    I hope to learn the origins of modern technology and its effects on society

  22. Taylor D'Etcheverry says:

    Today, people rely on technology so much that it’s hard to believe there was once a day where people had to live without it. As the generations pass by, we see younger and younger children have access to these innovative technologies. Is this a negative or positive movement? In one sense, we introduce these new ideas to the younger generations, in which they become familiarized with the technologies, and before we know it, they’re faster and more knowledgeable than the parents that introduced it to them. On the other hand, we expose them to the cyber world and everything that comes with it. Just something to think about.

    • stem110t says:

      “it’s hard to believe there was once a day where people had to live without it.”

      Has there ever _truly_ been a time when humans haven’t lived with technology, or do you think that we simply change our perception of what constitutes technology for each generation? That is, do younger generations tend to not view prior generations’ innovations as “technology”?

  23. Sarah Laurie says:

    Technology is such a major part of society today and more specifically American culture that it stands to reason it will only increase more as time progresses. I was watching an episode of the Ellen DeGeneres Show and her guest was Amy Poehler. They began discussing current technologies and Amy mentioned that in twenty years time there would be a college class called “Eye Contact” because so many kids are focused on their various mobile devices that they hardly pay attention to what is happening around them in a classroom setting or in a conversation. I would like to learn through STEM 110T at what rates technologies have increased over the years and how this rate could influence future inventions in certain technological fields.

  24. Carter Slawson says:

    I hope to learn how technology has affected the way I perceive my surroundings.

  25. David Bohnwagner says:

    I want to learn about how technology has progressed and the history behind technology.

  26. Alaysha Downey says:

    I would like to learn how technology effects us (the people) and our world positively and negatively. Technology has become a big part of our world today and everybody uses technology in all different forms that we wouldn’t even guess. So I would like to learn about that as well.

  27. Kandi Keller says:

    So far just in one class we’ve had I realized how much of an impact technology has on our society and I am ready to learn other ways technology is incorporated into our society and how technology is used today!

    • stem110t says:

      I’m glad!

  28. Katie Banko says:

    I hope to take from this class a better understanding of how technology works, and how it impacts everyone in different ways throughout their lives.

  29. Alexander Dove says:

    I am interested to learn about the effects of technology on our society and about the negative implications of our dependence on certain technologies.

  30. Brittani Dowdell says:

    I look forward to maybe learning about the evolution of technology and how it has become such an influential and dependent part of our lives.

  31. Sali Kedir says:

    I am interested in learning how technology affects our everyday lives. I also want to learn the history of technology; how the people before us used to manage doing anything without the technology that we have now, how people use technology now, and how will we use technology in the future. Also be able to answer questions like, Is there a chance that maybe this generation is becoming very dependent on technology to do most of the work for us that we use less and less of our own intellect?

    • Sali Kedir says:

      This post has the correct email address , not the previous one. Sorry!

  32. Michael Cameron Hayes says:

    I would like to delve into the effects of technology upon the medical field. Foremost, i would like to investigate the eases the incorporation of advanced technologies have created and consider the great medical marvels we have attained through use of our technology in medical procedure. Further, as alluded to in class I’d like to see what “trade-offs” we are making in exchange for this incredible gain.

    • stem110t says:

      You might do well to check out the book, Why Things Bite Back: Technology and the Revenge of Unintended Consequences by Edward Tenner. I read it a few years ago and found it to be fascinating, particularly with regards to some of the advances in medicine.

  33. Katara Jackson says:

    I would like to learn how technology has impacted cultures and how it has transformed the society that we live in.

  34. Briton Arth says:

    I am looking forward to this class. One thing that i would like to learn about is how dangerous new technologies can be.

  35. mike lennox says:

    I would like to see how technologies have been devolped and how they work

  36. Nora Considine says:

    I really hope to learn about modern technology and how it is constantly expanding and changing.

  37. Jeremiah Ledbetter says:

    I would like to learn how technology influences our world from common things everybody already knows about, to things I wouldn’t even think about

  38. Rob Deutsch says:

    In this class I would like to learn about how much as a society that we depend on technology. Maybe even get in to detail about how important the internet is and what would happen if one day it was gone and not able to be used again. Also maybe the process that some devices go through in order to work and the how the chips are developed.

  39. Moussa Diallo says:

    I would like to learn about the technologies that already exist or are in the making, that scientists believe will change the way we see and do things in the world.

  40. Corey Green says:

    I hope to learn about how technology is changing our lives and the impact it creates on society.

  41. Ben WIse says:

    I hope to learn more how technology effects us everyday and how technology has shaped society as we know it today.

  42. Lashauna Jiles says:

    I hope to learn how the technologies we use have transformed our lives. I would also like to learn how technologies positively and negatively affect our lives.

  43. Tim Angell says:

    I’d like to know why technology plays such a big role in modern society–how it connects us while distancing us at the same time. Moreover I’d like to see practical implications of how technologies, especially socially based ones, affect the general public psychologically. Why do people cut off from computers of cell phones freak out?

  44. Charles Waters says:


    I hope to learn how technology has affected the legal system and the legal profession as I hope to pursue law as a career.

    • stem110t says:

      Have you started reading any books by Lawrence Lessig? Definitely must reads for your interests.

  45. Michele Malapit says:

    I am interested and hoping to learn how technology in today’s society will only better our usage and knowledge as time progresses within the academic and professional fields that we will all be involved in during our lifetime.

  46. Emily Burke says:

    I’m looking forward to learning about all the different types of technology and how I use them in my everyday life.

  47. Austin McGowan says:

    I am looking forward to learning the relationships between people and technology and how it has changed over the years and how it will continue to change in the future.

  48. Jackie Knoop says:

    I hope to learn about how technology will furthermore shape our future, and its effect on different cultures and societies. I would also like to gain knowledge of how technology has affected marine and land ecosystems, and what technologies will have a positive and negative effect on them in the future.

  49. Dillon Paiva says:

    I am interesting in looking at how technology has affected the world today, and what affects it might have on our world in the future

  50. Paul Briggs says:

    I am interested and looking forward to seeing how I can better use technology to enhance my already acquired skills to better myself, my job, and my family. I would like to, by the end of this semester, create a website and start a podcast.

    • Paul Briggs says:

      I also would like to teach a class at the University level, even if it is of the Continuing Education variety.

  51. Mackenzie says:

    I hope to gain an understanding of how technology truly runs and controls our daily life and world

  52. Maria Cueva says:

    I’m looking forward to learning more information about the pros and cons of technology in our society nowadays, and how technology can/will impact and change the world in the future.

  53. Connor Mewbourne says:

    I realize that technology is rapidly changing and advancing everyday but I would like to hopefully understand where its all going and leading to because this time we are living in is crazy, exciting, and full of ground-breaking innovations.

    • stem110t says:

      “…this time we are living in is crazy, exciting, and full of ground-breaking innovations.”

      I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  54. While taking this class I want to gain a deeper understanding of what technology is and how it affects our everyday lives. I want to learn about “more that meets the eyes.”

  55. one0fakind22 says:

    I’m excited about learning how to navigate wordpress succesfully and becoming a little more up to date with all the high tech gadgets that are on the market now. No more technology illiteracy for me 😉 Yeah!!!

  56. I’m looking forward to learning about technology and how it can be used in everything. I want to learn how different types of technology are created rather than just how to use it. I’m also looking forward to learning how to use wordpress because it’s pretty confusing.